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TARES provides the full range of services necessary to efficiently and effectively complete any residential or commercial real estate transaction.

It is paramount that the search on the property you are selling or buying is performed by a qualified and experienced examiner who will take the utmost care in searching the public records. We provide a title commitment and a statement of all liens, judgments, taxes or encumbrances.

Our attorneys review the title and provide legal experience to find practical solutions to complex title defects and conflicts inhibiting closings.

Our attorneys draft and/or review the applicable settlement documents, deeds, occupancy agreements and other loan documentation.

Closings can be scheduled at times and locations convenient to the parties. Take advantage of the fact that our attorneys act as closing agent for most of our closings. The closing agent will take the time to fully explain all documents and fees associated with the closing.

Our attorneys prepare escrow agreements and TARES acts as an escrow agent in matters where a neutral third party is needed to hold property or money involved in a transaction until certain conditions are met. We prepare closing statements that account for all documents and money deposited in the escrow.



Title insurance premiums, additional endorsement and closing protection letter costs are set in Pennsylvania by the Department of Insurance and are standard throughout the Commonwealth. All other charges by TARES are extremely competitive in the market.

TARES will act as your trusted fiduciary to hold closing funds and insure that those funds are disbursed in accordance with the closing statement. The trust that Tucker Arensberg has earned in its 100+ year history extends to TARES.

TARES is committed to maintaining compliance with Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices as established by ALTA, thus helping protect our lender partners and the consumer.